In 1998, my mom was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. If you are reading this and feel there are few options for those with Celiac Disease in the grocery and at restaurants, you should have seen what being Celiac was like before many big companies got on board and started mass producing GF foods!

There were not many options for gluten free eating then. As the awareness of Celiac Disease grew, the shelves at the grocery stores began to fill with options. Unfortunately, many were very expensive and relatively distasteful options. Three years ago, I switched to a Gluten Free diet to conquer some health problems. I was appalled at the cost of some of the better tasting gluten free options at the stores. While the flour is more expensive, I didn’t see why someone with a specific dietary need should be robbed to have a simple cookie for dessert. I set out on a mission to create Gluten Free baked goods that were tasty and affordable.

Another reason for my gluten free bakery mission is that I have never liked causing a scene due to my diet restrictions at restaurants or at gatherings. Many gluten free eaters will agree it is almost easier to simply not eat dessert than have one single piece of GF dessert reserved for you. People question why there is a dessert set to the side, and the host has to explain “it’s for Kayce, she’s gluten free.” We are happy, at Kayce’s Kitchen, to save you the confusion in reserving a certain dessert for yourself or a certain party guest. While everything we serve is Gluten Free, 80% of our first four month’s sales were to customers who do not eat gluten free. They simply wanted a great tasting cake ball at an affordable price! Why not have your entire dessert display contain Gluten Free cake balls? Your guests who need to eat gluten free will be safe and those who do not eat gluten free won’t notice!

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